You are not alone.

Frequently asked questions

Will There be Trump Voters / Clinton Voters there?

Yes. We have regulars who attend who voted for Clinton, who voted for Trump, who voted Third Party or who didn't vote at all. All are welcome and you will not feel like you are alone or in the minority, no matter your political affiliation. 

What kinds of topics do you discuss?

We discuss all manner of topics. We usually start with some small talk and catch up with one another and then we have been known to get into subjects as varied as: politics, religion, the meaning of life, parenting, comedy, the latest news, the existence of free will, our families, our backgrounds, the education system, music, literature, etc.

How do you keep these dinners civil?

Fortunately this has not been a problem, probably because such a dinner self-selects for people who DO want to talk with and hopefully better understand people who may hold different opinions and beliefs than they do. Ideologues of any stripe are not interested in dialogue and thus, they do not usually choose to attend.

If you’re interested in helping to host a Civility Dinner in your city, let us know below!

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