We only agree on three things: The Importance of Free Speech, The Importance of Civility in Dialogue, and A Liberal Use of Cumin.


“The war of ideas is a Greek invention. It is one of the most important inventions ever made. Indeed, the possibility of fighting with words and ideas instead of fighting with swords is the very basis of our civilization, and especially of all its legal and parliamentary institutions.” - Karl R. Popper 



We bring people together to talk about differing opinions, over delicious meals! The goal of any good conversation should be to express ourselves in such a way so that others might better understand us, and to listen with good intent, so we might in turn better understand them. It’s easy to see where we might disagree, but where are our points of agreement?


bring us to your city

We are looking to bring Civility Dinners to other cities. If you’d like to talk about helping us visit yours, do let us know!